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Illumi-Nation Cyberwear

The original Illuminated Lantern Corps Cyberpunk Cyber goth visor

The original Illuminated Lantern Corps Cyberpunk Cyber goth visor

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Primary color

Magical rings and hard light constructs arent exactly easy to come my these days.
But these are the next best thing :)

Each one comes made in its corresponding colour neon acrylic.

Now updated with custom designed PCBs :D
Single colour options function per button click-
1) 3hz flash
2) on constant
3) off

laser cut and hand formed with padded earpieces for comfort and ultra bright leds, the photos don't really do them justice.
These glow brilliantly when powered up.
Absolutely unique and guaranteed to get you noticed in the club, these things are BRIGHT!
Unisex design will suit male or female
I make these to order so the visor will be sent within 5 days of payment
(Thanks to a change in international postage rules, I can no longer send batteries with the visors, 2x cr2032 batteries will be required)
If you'd like a custom colour/design, drop me a line.
Check out my shop for other colours

Please note-
These are purely aesthetic, and provide no impact protection or sunlight protection whatsoever.
A small etching has been added to behind the right ear of the design too as seen in the last picture

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