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Illumi-Nation Cyberwear

CYBERTHRONE 100 card Mtg commander deck box *double hinge ver*

CYBERTHRONE 100 card Mtg commander deck box *double hinge ver*

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Front design
Core colour

After a lot of design work and refinements, happy enough to release these for sale :D

80mm deep so should easily carry 100 double sleeved cards in dragon shield sized sleeves, so check your sleeve size and deck girth before purchasing

Lid is double hinged with a nice 8mm magnet closure, holds up to the shake test very well in my experience

Made of high quality laser cut 3mm matte black and neon tint acrylic, and held together with dark magic (Or stainless steel bolts, whichever I have to hand)

REMEMBER, this is primarily an art piece that carries cards, acrylic can be fragile if dropped or twisted incorrectly.

I make things as strong as I can, but they can only be as strong as the material permits.


Please note, the UV tint material only glows under blacklight, not of its own volition.

Give me a week or so to get things made and sent

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