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Illumi-Nation Cyberwear

Cyberpunk emergency access key necklace pendent

Cyberpunk emergency access key necklace pendent

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Core Colour

Something fun, new and unique.
For everyday use or for adding a cyberpunk flair to a costume or outfit.
3 layer laser cut and etched acrylic. Top and bottom layers high quality recycled 3mm cast acrylic, middle layer your choice of 8 3mm acrylics.
Attached mechanically with stainless steel M3 bolts into hand cut threads.

Measures 5cm x 8cm supplied on a 60cm stainless steel ball chain with an extra prop access drive in matching colour :)

Note, USB drive inside is none functional 3mm matte black laser cut acrylic, can be replaced with a functioning drive if you want, they're pretty cheap on aliexpress etc.

All except the smokey black option glow vividly under UV too.
No internal lighting on these, purely neon blacklight reactive material for the cores.

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